10 Celebrities You Didn’t Know Were Canadian

January 6, 2014

1. Nina Dobrev


This sultry small screen siren keeps hearts racing on her hit CW series The Vampire Diaries.

The actress hails from Bulgaria but was raised in Ontario, Canada since infancy.

2. Taylor Kitsch

NBC TCA Party Summer 08  - Los Angeles, CA

This TV hunk has long kept heart thumping with roles in big movie franchises like John Carter and television series like Friday Night Lights.

Though he has mastered his slow southern drawl and American accent, Kitsch was actually born in Kelowna, British Columbia, Canada.

3. Anna Paquin

"True Blood" Season Four Los Angeles Premiere

This blonde beauty was awarded top honors at a very young age and has long kept audiences enraptured on her hit HBO series True Blood.

The actress, though she has her Louisiana accent down pat, actually was born and raised in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada.

4. Ryan Reynolds

Warner Brothers Pictures CinemaCon 2011 Presentation

This hunky heart throb keeps the ladies swooning with his chiseled abs and dazzling smile.

Though he has since settled down in California, he was actually born in Vancouver, British Columbia.

5. Justin Bieber

Justin Bieber Turns On Westfield Christmas Lights

Though beliebers are currently in shock from the pop star’s recent announcement that he is retiring from show business, for real mind you, the pop star still holds major sway.

The young star was actually born in London, Ontario though he made his name in the United States.

6. Sarah Chalke


This funny girl from Scrubs fame has long since kept viewers clutching their sides. This actress hails from Ottawa, Ontario.

This funny girl is only one of many comediennes that have come from Canada.

7. Shania Twain

Shania Twain - "From This Moment On" Book Signing

Though this country cutie has dominated the Nashville scene, she actually comes from Windsor, Ontario.

Her voice may be pure country but her heart is in dear old Canada.

8. Hayden Christensen


This blue eyed dazzler may have hearts pounding in Star Wars, a quintessentially American tradition.

Christensen may have played one of America’s favorite spacewalking jedi, but he actually comes from Vancouver, British Columbia.

9. Joshua Jackson

"Unknown" Los Angeles Premiere

This actor has taken the United States by storm and has made his way into the hearts and homes of most of the country.

Though he may seem like the all American boy next door, he was actually born in “Hollywood North” Vancouver, British Columbia.

10. Keanu Reeves


With an exotic name like Keanu, you may believe that this serious actor comes from another country like Romania.

However, he hails from Toronto, Canada.

He has since settled in the United States and has an illustrious career behind him and still unfolding before him.