10 Legendary Rock Bands That Influenced Sum 41

March 21, 2014

The musical style of Canadian band Sum 41 has been labeled as everything from pop punk, to rock, to alternative metal. Their eclectic style has worked to their advantage, garnering millions of fans and record sales worldwide. With only one founding member left and their 6th album slated for release sometime in 2014, many fans are wondering what to expect. Until then, let’s look back into the past at some of the legendary bands that influenced Sum 41 in the beginning.



NOFX is a punk rock band from Los Angeles that has been around since 1983 and has released twelve studio albums.

The interesting thing about NOFX is that they managed to become widely successful without ever signing to a major label.

2. Bad Religion


Bad Religion has an even longer history, having also formed in Los Angeles back in 1979.

Bad Religion’s 17 studio albums have been unique in that the theme and lyrics of much of their music is often politically critical.

3. Green Day


It’s easy to see how the upbeat, punk rock energy of Green Day went on to influence the members of Sum 41.

Green Day has sold more albums than almost any other group in the world.

If you haven’t listened to Green Day by now, then you should definitely give them a try.

4. Metallica


When you think of “heavy metal,” one of the first bands that is likely going to pop into your head is Metallica.

This is where Sum 41 got the edgier, harder side of their style.

Metallica was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 2009.

5. Megadeth


Megadeth was formed in part by a previous Metallica bassist in 1983.

Highly influential in the establishment of thrash metal, Megadeth is a band you should be listening to if you enjoy technical, complex, and killer instrumental music.

6. Iron Maiden


Iron Maiden contributed heavily to the metal music scene across the Atlantic.

Iron Maiden formed in east London in 1975, and by 1982 their albums started going platinum.

They then went on to sell over 85 million records.

7. The Offspring


The Offspring is another punk rock band that came out of California in the ’80s.

Along with some of the other bands on this list, they are credited with contributing to the resurgence of punk rock popularity in the ’90s.

8. Blink-182


Blink-182 contributed a lot to the lighter side of Sum 41’s style.

Considered a pop punk and alternative rock band, Blink-182 has a widely appealing, fast-paced, and melodic musical style.

9. Nirvana


Nirvana may have only released 3 albums in the 7 years that they were active, but had a major influence on many rock groups formed in the 1990s.

Sum 41 is no different, and Nirvana’s grunge style can be heard in much of their music.

10. The Beatles


Artists in a variety of musical genres have cited “The Beatles” as a strong musical influence.

Often classified as both rock and pop, they have left an undeniable mark on much of music and pop culture worldwide.