20 Hollywood Blockbusters filmed in Canada


Though Hollywood has a reputation for being the movie capital of the world, many of the biggest blockbusters throughout history have actually been filmed far from the hills of Southern California.

In fact, due to tax breaks and other incentives, a vast number of films are actually shot in Canada.

Here is a look at seven blockbusters that you may never have known were filmed north of the border.

1. Twilight

As one of the most popular movie franchises of the past decade, the “Twilight” series made billions of dollars by the time the saga was completed.

Although much of the series was filmed in American cities like Portland, the vast majority of the outdoor panning nature shots were filmed in beautiful Canada.

According to author Stephenie Meyer (who also served as a producer on the last few films), the greenery found in British Columbia perfectly reflected her vision for the home of Bella Swan and the mysterious Cullen family.

The books are set in Forks, WA – the rainiest city in the U.S. – but filmmakers preferred the actual look of BC for most of their outdoor scenes.

You may recognize the city of Vancouver, which was used to stand in for Seattle and Rochester at different points in the series.

The scenes at Jacob Black’s home on the LaPush Reservation were filmed in Coquitlam, BC while the Cullen Home in “New Moon” and “Eclipse” was located in West Vancouver, BC.

Indoor and outdoor scenes at Forks High School in the second and third “Twilight” movies were shot in Canada at Vancouver’s David Thompson High School, and the façade of the original high school in Oregon were superimposed digitally later.

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