20 Biggest Canadian Celebrity Moneymakers


2. Justin Bieber

Young superstar and musician Justin Bieber has amassed an impressive fortune for someone his age (or any age, for that matter). At only 20 years old, he is already worth an estimated $130 million US.

Born in Ontario in 1994, Bieber had a normal childhood until his YouTube videos were discovered by talent manager Scooter Braun in 2008.

Braun brought Bieber to America to meet famed recording artist Usher and record executive L.A. Reid. Bieber released his first EP in 2009, and it went platinum.

He followed that up with a full-length album, which also went platinum and quickly launched the young man’s career into the stratosphere.

Few artists have been as polarizing as Justin Bieber, and the singer has ardent fans (who call themselves “Beliebers”) as well as avid haters. As he has grown older, Bieber has had trouble keeping his image as clean as it was when he first came onto the scene. He’s had several run-ins with police, leading up to a very public arrest scandal in January 2014.

He was charged with a DUI as well as a few less serious transgressions.

With immense popularity, more cash than he knows what to do with, and a reputation that is constantly in flux, one can only guess where Justin Bieber’s career will go from here.

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