Avril Lavigne’s Amazing Transformation

January 15, 2014

Avril Lavigne went from a regular girl to a super celb. Take a look at a few stages of her life.

1. Skater Girl


When Avril first burst onto the scene it was with a plethora of tanks, t-shirts, and loosely-fastened ties.

She further accessorized with studded bracelets next to colorful sweatbands.

The look was edgy, fun, and captured the spirit of her music at the time.

2. Camouflage Pants

Though camouflage pants made an appearance during her skater girl era, Avril later utilized them more when she toned down her look somewhat to simple, graphic t-shirts and tanks.

3. Fun with Stripes

Avril-Lavigne stripes

Avril donned a striped dress, as well as her new platinum blond hair, at the 2006 Hollywood Awards.

She made the look her own with a studded belt and black leather pumps.

4. Edgy Schoolgirl


It wasn’t hard for Avril’s edgy skater girl to transition towards an edgy schoolgirl look.

She managed this by pairing argyle sweaters, plaid skirts, simple black pants, and of course, the usual studded accessories.

5. Playing Around With Hair Color

Avril-Lavigne Hair

Avril has generally stuck with being either a brunette or a blond, but she hasn’t been afraid to experiment in the past either.

She has been known to throw in pink or green streaks here and there to liven things up.

6. Low-Key and Casual


Avril’s style has not always been loud and in your face.

She’s also been known to wear casual pants and parkas, all the while never abandoning her smoky eyes and shimmering belts.

7. Glam Punk Princess


However, after a more casual look, Avril jumped right back into being a punk rock princess.

Utilizing gold eye makeup, cornrows, red nails, and black jewelry, her look became more glamorous than ever.

8. Punk Rock Tutu’s

This glam look spilled over into Avril’s tutu phase.

Never one to be seen as too girly, Avril accessorized her pink, poofy tutu’s with skulls, studs, and dark makeup.

9. Elegant in Black


Though her personal style may be loud, Avril has been able to elegantly tone it down for music awards and film premiers.

She has rocked some beautiful, black strapless dresses while keeping some tasteful personal touches in her hair and makeup.

10. Raccoon Eyes


Avril has always been heavy on the eye makeup, but nowhere did she take this further than on the cover of her latest album.

Though not for everyone, the raccoon eye look totally works for her.

11. Allure Magazine Makeover


Avril recently underwent quite a departure from all of the styles we’ve seen before.

The simple yet beautiful look of her Allure makeover had Avril nixing her usual black eyeliner, giving her much softer eyes.

The makeover also had her sporting a pair of bangs, another departure from her usual style.