Bradley Cooper and Jennifer Lawrence Reunite for New Film

September 12, 2014


Bradley Cooper and Jennifer Lawrence are two of Hollywood’s biggest names. Cooper is the new funny man and sarcastic action hero, while Lawrence seems capable of being able to portray any role she needs to fit into.

The pair has even worked together in The Silver Lining’s Play Book and American Hustle. Now this dynamic duo is reuniting on set for a third time in Serena.

Set in the depression-era, the movie follows love-struck newlyweds George and Serena Pemberton, who manage to create a timber empire with each other.

Serena struggles to prove herself in the male-dominated logging industry, while simultaneously struggling against her inability to conceive a child. Not to mention George has a dark past that requires some dealing with as well.

The film is set to debut on October 24th in the UK, but as of yet no release date for the US.