Edele Lynch and Husband Split After 7 Years

August 26, 2014

Edele Lynch and  Michael Barrett wedding

Another day, and yet another celebrity split. Reports state that the singer Edele Lynch has split with her husband of 7 years, Michael Barrett.

The split comes just before Edele, age 35, is set to enter the reality show, “Celebrity Big Brother”.

Edele’s twin sister Keavy opened up about the split. “They separated a while back. They are still on good terms as they’ll always be a family with three beautiful children. I feel sad about it but that’s the way life goes sometimes,” she said.

Many of a suspicious mind would say the timing of the split is somewhat ominous as Edele enters the reality show known for some wild antics.

However, Keavy denies the rumors; she says that there is no way that anyone on the show would be considered attractive or head-turning by the songstress.

Not only that, but the sister says that Edele will be very mindful of her audience, as she is sure her 3 children will be watching.

“At the end of the day, the fact that she has three kids and wants to be a responsible role model to them will be very much on her mind. So if any of the guys tries to get into bed with her, she’ll probably give him a good slap and go ‘Get the Hell out’.”