Greatest Canadian Singers of All Time

January 22, 2014

There’s been a lot of great canadian singers, but we’ve compiled the greatest ones of all time.

1. Paul Anka


Paul Anka was just a young teen when he became popular.

His songs Put Your Head on My Shoulder and Diana became top hits on the charts. He has a way with words and a beautiful sounding voice.

2. Michael Buble


In 2003, Buble came out with debut album that hailed him into the world of music and he was deemed one of the best singers.

3. Gordon Lightfoot


Known as Canada’s premiere songwriter, Lightfoot has had some major international hits that propelled him to fame.

He has a recognizable voice that his listeners have come to love.

4. Shania Twain


Twain is known as the queen of country music and became a hit sensation with her songs.

When she first started in the music business she had a promising career and really used her talent to become a great singer.

5. Katie Stelmanis


Known as an electro-pop sensation.

Canadians love this celebrity’s voice and her performances are known to make your hair stand up.

6. Bryan Adams


Bryan Adams is a popular singer who has hit it big in the music world.

His song, I Do It for You, was the theme song for the Robin Hood movie. The song became more popular than the actual movie itself.

This speaks volumes of what type of singer Adams is. His voice is phenomenal and many of his songs spark an awakening in his listeners.

7. Anne Murray


Anne Murray has been singing for decades and her voice has captivated many of her listeners.

All of her songs have some meaning and she can woo a crowd simply with her notes and tones.

8. Sarah McLachlan


Similar to another singer on this list, Joni Mitchell, McLachlan hit it big in 1993.

Throughout the late 1990’s, she had hits soaring throughout the region.

9. Rufus Wainwright


Wainwright’s music can be described as a humble mix of pop, cabaret and folk all in one.

He rose to popularity throughout Canada and made the most of his career.

10. Celine Dion


Celine Dion has had a very successful career and has sold millions of albums over the decades.

She draws in a very large audience to her concerts and is a very talented singer.

11. Joni Mitchell


Joni Mitchell is a loved singer whose voice was often referred to as dreamy and very crisp.

Her voice extended out to many people and was influential to a very large crowd.