Jay Z and Beyoncé Continue to Bury Divorce Rumors as Hints of Baby No. 2 are on the way

September 15, 2014

It has been a very interesting year for Beyoncé and her rapper-husband, Jay Z.

Earlier in the year, a typical pot-stirring divorce rumor roundup was published in a magazine that featured Jay Z and Beyoncé as highly-vulnerable to a celebrity split.

These rumors gained traction when the Queen B was photographed later shopping around New York for an apartment apparently on her own.

A proverbial match was thrown on the gasoline even later when a video captured Jay Z in a fight on an elevator with Beyoncé’s sister, Solange. In the video, Solange was berating Jay on his infidelity and childish ways.

However, the power couple haven’t let the rumors get them down as they begin to wrap up what has turned out to be the most profitable and successful tour of either of the musicians careers.

Much more than the money, though, was how the couple battled the rumors together every step of the way.

From remixing songs and lyrics to send a message to watching a family video-scrapbook arm in arm with each other on stage, Jay Z and Beyoncé have done everything they can to let the world know that they won’t buy into the pressure.

Now it seems that the couple has moved on from saying that things are alright to showing it.

In a recent remix of Beach is Better, Jay Z dropped the hint his better half was expecting “cause she’s pregnant with another one,” he said in the song.

Although Beyoncé herself has remained silent on the matter, photographers in France captured the songstress wearing a dress that could have been hiding a baby bump.