Jeff Goldblum Weds Again

July 16, 2014

Emilie Livingston & Jeff Goldblum

Hollywood royal and actor Jeff Goldblum has decided he is finally ready to take the plunge… for the third time.

Jeff, 61, recently proposed to his girlfriend, Emilie Livingston, 31, on a nice getaway vacation in Hawaii.

Goldblum, whose previous wives include Patricia Gaul (m. 1980-1986) and Geena Davis (m. 1987-1990) were both co-stars of his on “Silverado” and “Earth Girls are Easy” respectively.

Livingston, on the other hand, is a professional acrobat and contortionist. Many have seen the rise and fall of celeb marriages that never seem to work out because the combined ego of 2 stars under one roof seems to be too much.

But thoughts of despair were clearly far from the couple’s mind as Emilie announced the engagement through her Twitter and Instagram accounts. Goldblum and Livingston were all smiles and hugs as the pictures show the happy duo picking the ring together.