Jessi Cruickshank’s New Gig – Testing How Smart Are Actually The Smartest Canadians

May 30, 2014


The 30-year-old Calgary native, best known for interviewing celebrities for etalk and MTV and for hosting “The Hills: The After Show,” is about to embark on her first televised adventure with the CBC by hosting its reality series Canada’s Smartest Person this fall.

This means she is officially following in the footsteps of mom Joyce Resin, who once hosted her own show, “Alive: The Picture of Health,” for the Mother Corp.

During the broadcast, viewers can participate in all of the challenges from home in real-time using the groundbreaking Canada’s Smartest Person app.

Audiences will discover more about their personal smarts and see how they compare to family members, friends and the rest of the country.

According the latest research, “smart” is about much more than an aptitude for facts and figures. “Canada’s Smartest Person” is based on six shades of intelligence which have been internationally embraced as the new markers of brainpower: Math & Logic Intelligence, Visual & Spatial Intelligence, Body & Kinesthetic Intelligence, Linguistics Intelligence, Musical Intelligence and Interpersonal Intelligence.

Most people have strength in two or three of these areas, but only a rare few excel in all categories. “Canada’s Smartest Person” will seek out the special Canadian who can demonstrate he or she has the most versatile smarts in the country. In the series finale, eight finalists will battle it out but only one will earn the title of Canada’s smartest person.

Of those areas, Cruickshank says she would likely shine brightest in social intelligence, which she claims is also an area of strength for car salesmen. Along with her TV gigs, Cruickshank is known for travelling across Canada and giving motivational speeches for Free the Children Events. In 2012, she returned to Calgary to host We Day Alberta.

Cruickshank grew up in Vancouver, having moved there at the age of five. In high school, she reportedly went head-to-head with a young Seth Rogen on her school’s improve squad. But she was born in Calgary. In fact, for added Alberta grit, she was born in an A & W Restaurant.

Through the years, she has worked for MTV Canada on various shows while living in L.A., including Hollywood Survival Guide. She was also a producer at the Oprah Winfrey Network and will continue her duties as a correspondent for etalk.