Joan Rivers’s Doctor Performed Unauthorized Biopsy that Cost the Comedian Her Life

September 17, 2014

As the news that the comedy world lost one of its greatest diva in history slowly becomes commonplace, more and more news is coming out about the procedure that cost Rivers her life.

As most people know by now, Joan Rivers was placed on life-support after being placed into a medically induced coma to help her heal.

Rivers was rushed to the hospital after suffering cardiac and respiratory arrest during a minor procedure on her throat at New York City’s Yorkville Endoscopy.

However, new information shows that it was Rivers’s own personal doctor, and not the gastroenterologist Dr. Lawrence Cohen, who performed a biopsy on her vocal chords without her consent that led to her emergency dash to the hospital and ultimately, the loss of her life.

Rivers’s personal doctor, who according to a source is not a throat specialist or certified to perform biopsies at the clinic, performed the unauthorized biopsy.

Before that, he managed to snap a selfie with the unconscious form of Joan.

Although the Yorkville Endoscopy released a statement last week claiming that no throat biopsy has ever been performed at the clinic, Dr. Cohen still resigned his position as medical director.

No information is yet available on Rivers’ personal doctor.