Kate Bush Returns to the Stage

August 27, 2014

Kate Bush

Kate Bush hasn’t been on stage since before the 80’s. To many, this would mean that maybe she was out of touch, or that it has been too long for people to really remember her music.

Yet when the songstress announced that she would be playing 22 dates at the Hammersmith Apollo for her Before the Dawn residency, tickets to her show sold out in 15 minutes.

That’s right, a singer who hasn’t been on stage in over 35 years sold out her 22 shows in 15 minutes!

And it wasn’t just your averages Joes who attended the concert. Rumors abound that Madonna, Bjork and David Bowie were also in attendance.

So what was the mood of the concert? One tweet captures that perfectly: “Hammersmith, 15 minutes before Kate Bush comes on. Mood: Christmas-like hysteria.”