Liam Neeson Talks About What it was like When his Wife’s Life Ended

July 30, 2014

Liam Neeson

It is no easy thing moving on after a loved one has passed, especially if that person was a beloved partner in life. For Liam Neeson, the 5 years it has been since his wife, Natasha Richardson, passed away have not been easy.

“Her death was never real. It still kind of isn’t.” said Neeson. “ There’s periods now when I hear the door opening, especially the first couple of years… anytime I hear that door opening, I still think I’m going to hear her.”

Natasha Richardson, who starred in Parent Trap, perished from a skiing accident in Canada in 2009. The actress appeared ok at first immediately following the accident, but her condition deteriorated over the next few days until she was declared brain dead in a hospital.

For Neeson, this was a nightmare come to life. “I went in to her and I just told her I loved her. I said, ‘Sweetie, you’re not coming back from this’.”

“She and I had made a pact. If any of us got into a vegetative state we’d pull the plug.”

“So when I saw her and saw all these tubes and stuff that was my immediate thought, ‘OK, these tubes have to go. She’s gone’.”

Neeson, who has since moved to America with his two sons, Michael and Daniel, went on to talk about how the work he has been doing in the wake of his wife’s death hadn’t been that much help in dulling the pain.

“It hits you,” he added. “It’s like a wave. You just get this profound feeling of instability.”

“The earth isn’t stable anymore and then it passes and it becomes more infrequent, but I still get it sometimes.”