Mariah Carey Begins Divorce Proceedings with husband Nick Cannon

September 4, 2014

NIck Cannon and Mariah Carrey

It seems the We Belong Together singer Mariah Carey doesn’t believe her own music anymore as reports surface that she has begun the divorce proceedings with her husband Nick Cannon.

The couple has been surrounded by split rumors for a while ever since Cannon talked about his list of romantic partners over the years on a radio show, a list which included some very high-profile names.

Carey apparently got fed up with the situation when Nick, 33, let slip that he and his wife,44, had been living in separate homes during the renovation of their apartment.

Mariah has apparently waited for as long as she could and has even been rumored to have had many closed-door meetings with divorce lawyers.

According to a statement made by her publicist, Carey is now focused solely on her kids and her upcoming tour.