Not Everyone is Interested in a “Saved By the Bell” Movie

July 21, 2014


It has been almost 25 years since the premiere of the first episode of “Saved by the Bell”, and there are more than just rumors about an upcoming movie about the show.

“Lifetime” is set to make a movie about the series, featuring all of the behind the scenes drama that took place over the course of the series run on the air.

Dustin Diamond, who played beloved character, Samuel ‘Screetch’ Powers, wrote a book in 2009, which talked about the cast’s behind the scenes drug use and other more devious dealings.

While finding out about the people behind the show may seem interesting to many, fans of the series will be disappointed if they were looking forward to a comeback by Elizabeth Berkley, who couldn’t really care less about the production.

“I know nothing about what they are planning,” the Showgirls star told Us Weekly magazine. “I’m not really curious about it because we know the life we led, and I have no idea what their picture of it is. So who knows!”