Rogen and Franco Team Up to Kill Kim Jong Un

June 16, 2014


Yes that’s right folks, the “Pineapple Express” duo is back again, and this time, they’re the ones doing the assassinating. James Franco and Seth Rogen team up to take down one of the world’s worst dictators: Kim Jong Un!

The movie is titled “The Interview”, and Seth and James play a T.V. show host and producer who are recruited by the C.I.A. for a special mission to kill the North Korean leader. Being woefully under-qualified for the job, the movie is filled with the pair’s wacky antics and attempts on the dictator’s life.

Written and directed by Rogen himself as well as Evan Goldberg, this group is very familiar with each other after last year’s blockbuster “This Is the End”, where Rogen and Franco again teamed up to take on the mysterious forces at play during the Rapture.

Sure to be one of year’s biggest comedy hits, Rogen and Franco have worked together before, and every time the pair collaborates with each other, comedy gold is struck. Insert a highly controversial political setting and plot, and you have the recipe for what is shaping up to be an epic and hilarious adventure.