‘Space Station 76’ Launches New Trailer

July 23, 2014


A new trailer for the upcoming film “Space Station 76” has been released, and naturally it’s all kinds of hilarious.

Starring Patrick Wilson, Jerry O’Connell, Matt Bomer and Liv Tyler, the film takes place on a remote space station crewed by a few individuals in a 1970’s impression of the future.

Directed by Jack Plotnick, “Space Station 76” does not have a release date yet.

When a lovely new female captain comes to Omega Station 76, the crew is forced to deal with their repressed emotions and the isolation of living on a remote station.

The official synopsis reads, “When a new Assistant Captain arrives, she inadvertently ignites tensions among the crew, prompting them to confront their darkest secrets. Barely contained lust, jealousy, and anger all bubble to the surface, becoming just as dangerous as the asteroid that’s heading right for them.”