Ten quotes that show why we love Will Arnett

January 7, 2014


Quote No. 1.

“This pilot (Arrested Development) by far was the best I ever read — and I hope that insults every other pilot I worked on.” – Actual Will Arnett quote

Quote No. 2.

“Celebrity snuff. Reality content made exclusively for your mobile phone: Oh what’s that? MC Lyte just murdered Danny Bonaduce? Thanks, PHONE.” – as Devon Banks in 30 Rock

Quote No. 3.

“Most shows, you really have to force it. And everybody’s nervous, and the network is nervous, and they’ve all got their notepads out, and they’re all going to give notes on what they think is funny, and everybody’s trying to spin their jokes, and this was so – the script was so good that we didn’t have to really do anything, and it made it so easy for us to do well.” – Arnett on what made the TV show Arrested Development so good

Quote No. 4.

As George Oscar Bluth (GOB) on Arrested Development

GOB: “What did you come here for, Michael? I hope it’s not for a handout. I run a pretty tight ship around here.”

Michael: “With a pool table.”

GOB: “It’s a gaming ship.”

Quote No. 5.

As GOB on Arrested Development

“I’ve made a huge tiny mistake.”

Quote No. 6.

A classic argument between Alec Baldwin’s character Jack Donaghy and Arnett on 30 Rock:

“This is G.E.! “- Jack Donaghy

“It’s just G now, Jack, I sold the E. To Samsung. They’re Samesung now.” – Devon Banks

Quote No. 7.

As GOB on Arrested Development

Michael Bluth: “You certainly haven’t been shopping! The only thing I found in the refrigerator was a dead dove in a bag.”

GOB: “You didn’t eat that dove, did you? Because I only have a couple of days left to return it.”

Quote No. 8.

“Well, yeah. At a certain point, you’ve got to be really honest with yourself. Like, ‘Why am I doing this? What are my motivations?’ Like, if you get into it because you want to be famous? Then you’ve got a long row to hoe. But if you really feel like it’s a labour of love and it’s something you’re actually legitimately good at, then it’s not that hard to keep plugging away.” – Will Arnett speaking on the proper motivation to become an actor.

Quote No. 9.

“There’s a lot of lying and these are people who are incredibly flawed, and not in very sort of empathetic ways, either. Some of the things they do are pretty awful and some of the things they do to each other are pretty awful.”- Arnett on the characters in Arrested Development

Quote No. 10.

As GOB on Arrested Development

GOB: “Dad asked me to do this on the day he pleads not guilty, as a spectacular protest. A protestacular!”