Ten Things you didn’t know about Ryan Gosling

January 7, 2014

'The Place Beyond The Pines' New York Premiere

1. Surprise, he’s single again!

While you were busy hanging out with your family these past couple of days during the holiday season, turns out that he and Eva Mendes have decided to split up, no doubt making millions of women’s Christmas wish true.

2. He’s been acting for twenty years

Gosling got his start the same way many other stars have, by being a member of the Mickey Mouse Club.

He joins other celebs like Britney Spears and Justin Timberlake who owe their big break to the Disney Channel.

He appeared several times over three different years of the show.

3. He’s a fan of scary stories

After his stint at the Mickey Mouse Club, Gosling appeared in a couple of different scary story shows for children, including Are You Afraid of the Dark on Nickelodeon and Goosebumps.

We’re willing to bet he’s got more than a few scary stories for the next time he’s sitting around the camp fire at midnight.

4.He’s also a restaurant owner

Gosling owns a Moroccan restaurant in Beverly Hills that he bought on impulse, at least according to him.

We can understand a candy bar or a stick of gum as an impulse buy, but a restaurant?

It’s good to be rich.

5. He’s a Canadian

Yes it’s true, the All-American football player from Remember the Titans is actually from north of the border.

Growing up in London, Ontario, Gosling was very awkward in school and had to be homeschooled for a year.

6. He’s a high school dropout

After his year of homeschooling from his mother, Gosling discovered that he wanted to become an actor, since according to him it was the only thing he ever received praise for.

At the age of seventeen, he quit school to focus on his acting career.

7. He wasn’t exactly popular in school

It’s easy to imagine Gosling as the prom king with the stardom and good looks, but as we talked about earlier, he had a tough time in high school.

The future actor was actually suspended from school during his early teen years after pulling a knife on some other students who were giving him a hard time.

8. When it comes to charity work, he walks the walk

A lot of celebrities have favorite causes that they love to talk about, but many never get past the glitz and glamor of the fundraising dinners that prevent people from really getting their hands dirty.

After Hurricane Katrina, Gosling volunteered in Biloxi, Mississippi as part of the clean up effort, and has also donated his time to Invisible Children Inc and the Enough Project.

9. He’s a rock star too

Gosling and his friends started a band called Dead Man’s Bones in 2009, who released an album of the same name that year.

10. He and Justin Timberlake were roommates

We talked earlier about how Gosling got his start as a member of the Mickey Mouse Club.

It turns out that the two child stars lived together during their time on the show.