That’s New: Zac Efron and Michelle Rodriguez Hook-Up

July 9, 2014


Yes its true, Zac Efron and Michelle Rodriguez were photographed together on a yacht in Italy. The pictures show a handsome 26-year-old Zac and the 35-year-old Michelle were seen cuddling each other and playing flirtingly.

Almost immediately in response to the pictures’ upload, gossip site went wild with scandalous claims. Michelle is an openly bi-sexual actress who as recently as a few weeks ago was photographed with then-girlfriend Cara Delevingne. The “Fast and Furious” starlet has been characterized as doing what she wants and not caring what people say.


Efron, as many may remember, recently spent time in rehab and looks somewhat out of place in the photos. It could just be that many see him as being too young for Michelle. Those people, however, would realize that Michelle has been known for defining herself, and while her time with Effron may be shocking to the rest of the world, it’s rather hypocritical to think that way.

It’s extremely common for an older man to marry a much younger woman.

So much so in fact that it has become part of our culture.

But if an older woman wishes to see a younger man, the world turns on its head. But Rodriguez, as always, won’t let that affect her.

And hey, at least this isn’t nearly as bad as Caroline Flack and Harry Styles from One Direction: he was 18, and she’s 33.