The 10 Best Nelly Furtado Songs That You Should Be Listening To

January 16, 2014


Nelly Furtado has made a lot of great songs. Let’s take a look at the top 10.

10. Do It

Do It has an extremely catchy beat which makes you just want to get up and dance, and it’s super easy to sing along to as well.

The song got some mixed reviews, but you can’t deny that it’s a lot of fun.

9. Turn Off The Light

This was the second single off Nelly’s debut album.

It did great on the charts and contributed to bolstering her new career.

The lyrics are clever and highlight how people can be a lot different than they initially seem.

8. Powerless (Say What You Want)

Powerless has a really amazing message presented alongside a catchy beat.

It touches on the fact that Nelly was made to feel like she had to hide her ancestry in order to be successful in the music industry.

7. Say It Right

Say It Right is a smooth song with a chorus that just flows.

It was widely successful and very well received by critics, who complimented both the vocals and the production.

It provides a great balance to the album.

6. All Good Things (Come to an End)

This is a song that will really get you emotionally if it catches you in the right mood.

All of us have wondered at some point or another why good things have to come to an end, making it really easy to relate to.

5. Give It To Me

This song was co-written by Nelly, Justin Timberlake, and Timbaland, and was released to positive reviews.

The beat is smooth and the lyrics allow the featured artists to get back at some of their critics.

4. Try

Try is pretty different and much slower paced from the rest of the songs on this list. It is a heartfelt song that rightfully deserves a spot as one of Nelly’s best.

The vocals are beautiful and the soft instruments compliment them perfectly.

3. Maneater

Maneater has an absolutely infectious and bouncing beat. It received mostly favorable reviews and became one of Nelly’s most popular songs ever.

Maneater is just plain fun, so get ready to dance and sing along.

2. Promiscuous

Promiscuous is the song that shot Nelly back into the spotlight as the lead single of her third studio album.

It became a huge success, and was named the best pop single of the year at the 2006 Billboard Music Awards.

1. I’m Like A Bird

I’m Like a Bird was Nelly’s very first single, and there is no denying the great start it gave to her career.

Nelly won the Grammy for Best Female Pop Vocal Performance with this song.

It’s got empowering lyrics over a calm and relaxing beat.