Top 10 Amazing Philanthropic Efforts Of Sarah McLachlan

April 4, 2014


Sarah McLachlan is a Canadian singer who is well known for her numerous philanthropic activities. In fact, McLachlan has even received honorary degrees for her humanitarian efforts, which range from disaster relief to outreach programs. Read below to find out about 10 of McLachlan’s philanthropic activities.

They began shortly after she entered the musical scene, and have steadily continued to this day.

1. Contribution to an AIDS-benefit album

In 1993, McLachlan contributed to the AIDS-benefit album “No Alternative” with the track “Hold On.” The album was part of an MTV special which featured live performances from the artists and which offered important information about AIDS.

2. Tsunami disaster relief telethon

1993 was only a hint of what was to come. At the beginning of 2005, McLachlan really got started on her philanthropic work in a tsunami disaster relief telethon on NBC along with several other stars.

3. Tsunami disaster relief concert

McLachlan continued her tsunami fundraising when she took the stage with her song “Silence” for “One World: The Concert for Tsunami Relief.” She helped raise around $3.6 million for agencies offering aid to tsunami victims.

4. Live 8 concert

McLachlan’s philanthropy took a political turn in 2005 when she participated in one of the Live 8 concerts. These concerts took place at the same time as a G8 summit, and they called on world leaders to cancel Africa’s debt.

5. ASPCA advertisements

Those who don’t know McLachlan for her music are probably nonetheless familiar with her through her ASPCA advertisements. She did her first ad for the ASPCA in 2006, and it has raised an astounding $30 million for the organization. McLachlan went on to do two more commercials in 2008 and 2009.

6. Aid Still Required

In 2008 McLachlan once again helped raise money for tsunami disaster relief. She donated one of her songs to a CD put together by Aid Still Required, an organization which seeks to bring attention to important issues that still require attention, but which the news isn’t focusing on anymore.

7. Plea to the Prime Minister

McLachlan continued with her animal activism when she wrote a letter to Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper in 2012, protesting the seal hunts that happen in the country. The letter was written on behalf of PETA.

8. Funding for a Vancouver outreach program

On top of all of her globe-spanning efforts, McLachlan also gives back to her home country. She funds a Vancouver outreach program which is intended to bring music education to school children in the inner city.

9. Sarah McLachlan School of Music

On top of this, McLachlan opened the Sarah McLachlan School of Music in 2011. The school is also located in Vancouver and is meant specifically for youth that are considered to be at-risk.

10. American Christmas Carol Concert

McLachlan’s latest big philanthropic effort was in November of 2012, when she performed for an “American Christmas Carol” concert in Carnegie Hall. The concert was a benefit for Kate Winslet’s Golden Hat Foundation.