Top 10 Must-Know Facts About Shania Twain

March 21, 2014


Though she released her first (self-titled) album two years earlier, Shania Twain truly burst onto the scene in 1995 with the release of her second album, “The Woman in Me”. Since then, the Canadian songstress has become a universally recognized musical sensation. With the promise of a new album on the horizon, her first since the release of “Up” in 2002, here are 10 must-know facts about Shania Twain.

1. Biggest Selling Album of all time

Her third album, 1997’s “Come On Over”, went on to become the biggest-selling album of all time by a female star, regardless of the genre.

Surprisingly, it never reached number one on the Billboard 200, though it did remain in the top 20 for a record 99 weeks.

2. Her music has reached space

Shania’s music has achieved orbital status.

In 2001, her single “Honey, I’m Home” was played for the crew of the Space Shuttle Atlantis, while the title song from “Up” was played for astronaut and fellow Canadian Dave Williams in 2007.

3. Her name is not Shania Twain

Her birth name was neither “Shania” nor “Twain”.

Born as Eilleen Regina Edwards, she gained the last name of “Twain” at the age of four when she was adopted by her stepfather (Jerry Twain).

As for “Shania”, it is said to be an Ojibwe word that means “on my way”.

She assumed the name when executives at the Mercury Nashville label believed the name “Eilleen Twain” was not marketable.

4. Songs from the past

In 2001, after Shania had achieved superstardom, the independent label Limelight Records released “The Complete Limelight Sessions”, a collection of 16 songs she had recorded in the late 1980s.

5. Honor for the Olympic Games

Leading up to the 2010 Winter Olympics in Vancouver, Twain was honored to carry the Olympic Torch through her hometown of Timmons, Ontario.

6. Definition of a love triangle

From 1993 through 2010, Shania was married to producer and songwriter Robert “Mutt” Lange.

Their separation and eventual divorce took place amidst allegations that Lange had been cheating on Twain with one of her close friends.

In 2011, Twain tied the knot again with Frédéric Thiébaud, the ex-husband of the woman with whom Mutt had allegedly had the affair.

7. She is an Officer in the Order of Canada

On November 18, 2005, Twain was recognized for her talent and service to Canadians as she was invested as an Officer in the Order of Canada, the second-highest honor for merit in Canada.

8. Judge on American Idol

Previously appearing on American Idol as a guest judge, Twain was reportedly in the running to become a permanent judge on the reality-singing competition series in 2010.

The position eventually went to Jennifer Lopez instead.

9. She is a reality TV star

In 2011, Shania launched her own reality television series, “Why Not? with Shania Twain”.

Premiering on the OWN: Oprah Winfrey Network, the six-episode series provided insight into the life of the superstar, including glimpses of her recovery in the wake of a painful divorce.

10. She has her own show in Las Vegas

Since December 2012, Twain has starred in “Shania: Still the One”, a Las Vegas residency show at the Colosseum at Caesars Palace.

Given the success of the show, she is currently entertaining the possibility of extending it to a third season. Shania recently announced that she is ready to head back to the studio to record a fifth album.

She claims the songs are ready; what’s missing is a producer. (Mutt Lange, now her ex-husband, produced her last three albums.) As the search continues, fans around the world await the next chapter in Shania’s story.