U2 Gets their Album on Everyone’s Apple, But People Are Not Happy

September 19, 2014


Now normally, when musicians give their songs away for free, people are usually pretty happy about it. But following an event held by Apple last week, the addition of U2’s album to every iTunes user’s account has many people in a rage over the invasion of privacy.

It isn’t that people have anything in particular against U2, but the addition of their album without permission has many people screaming at Apple.

Apple is already in a lit bit of hot water over the multi-celebrity photo leak from the Apple iCloud.

Although reports and investigators have absolved Apple security measures of all fault with the incident, this latest scandal is sure to have many questioning just what it is that is going on over at Apple.

Although many fail to realize, there are probably (because who has actually read all of a EULA) paragraphs within Apple Terms of Agreement that state Apple is allowed to make uploads and downloads to your account without permission.

In fact, they kind of already do it whenever a new update comes out. At least then they ask your permission first, though.