What Makes Lingerie Sexy?

April 18, 2014


People’s imaginations, as well as visual and tactile qualities, combine to make lingerie sexy or plain. Not so long ago underwear was tiny. Skimpy scraps of material were used to cover the wearer’s modesty. Thongs left ample bottoms wobbling freely, and tiny triangles of lace that made up virtually sheer panties left much to be desired, but not always in a sexy manner.

A lack of material concerning lingerie may well be a backlash against the previous trend of Bridget Jones panties. These were large and white. They were the sort of undergarments worn by grandmothers for comfort as they sat by the fire knitting.

For a more modern look, which is both alluring and wearable, perhaps people should take a leaf out of Gypsy Rose Lee’s book. Gypsy was a stripper who learnt that the ultimate way to be sexy was not to bare all. She discovered that leaving a little to the imagination of the observer made her far more intoxicating.

To achieve Gypsies allure, the wearer needs to choose underwear that flatters his or her shape without letting too much flesh on show all at once.

Therefore, a woman may sport a cupless basque or a shelf bra, but would not wear a transparent, skimpy thong as part of her outfit simultaneously.

While body-shaping corsets can be restrictive and unattractive, those adapted Madame Marmalade style with a hint of burlesque can add drama to the wearer’s appearance and allude to naughtiness.

Guys may find that their humble baggy boxers need to be put back in the other type of drawers, as a fresh approach is adopted. Boxers are not brief enough or form fitting enough to be sexy. The billowing material around the thighs may allow an unfortunate glimpse of what lies beneath, but this style is more akin to that worn by grandfathers smoking their pipes next to their wife knitting by the fire.

Old-fashioned Y-fronts however, are set to make a comeback. That is if you choose to wear them. Society went off them some time ago because it was bored. Now, by looking at the alternatives, people can see that they were not so bad after all. In fact, they have potential. They cover and support while fitting tightly enough to be sexy.


The real turn off regarding Y fronts of the past was that they were white, which ultimately turned to bachelor gray due to poor washing procedures.

However, modern Y-fronts come in dark, primary colors. This means that even the least house-trained of single men can still get away with putting them in the wash with their Levi’s and not making them change color.

What makes lingerie sexy or not depends not only upon its design, but also upon the material it is made from. Silk, satin, plain cotton and lace can be far sexier than some synthetic materials that fray and leave underwear in poor shape.

In addition, the texture of the latter lingerie can be bad compared to the first examples. When attempting an overhaul of underwear, remember that less is not always more, and that more is not always less when it comes to sex appeal. The idea is to get the human brain to add to what you have to offer, rather than offering up all that you have on a plate.