Who are The 11 Best Dressed Celebrities? Find Out Now!

January 22, 2014

These celebrities really know how to get dressed up. Check out the 10 best dressed.

1. Erica Durance


Erica Durance is known as one of Canada’s sexiest and best dressed celebrities.

Although she is not as popular as some other celebrities, she is known very well for her sense of fashion and for wearing very form fitting dresses on the red carpet.

2. Shania Twain


Shania Twain, Country’s princess, is known for her fashion as well. She is always dressed to impress and is considered one of Canada’s best dressed celebrities.

Even though she is older, she is able to pull off any dress with ease.

3. Emmanuelle Chriqui


Chriqui is known for her role in Entourage as she played the character Sloan.

She is also known for dressing like a rock star all of the time. Emmanuelle is able to make a few heads spin when she walks into a room.

Her best dress was a white cocktail with shoulder straps.

4. Nelly Furtado


Known as a famous Canadian singer, Furtado is able to wear anything and look amazing.

She always dresses in outfits that do her justice and is never caught wearing something that doesn’t look great.

5. Ryan Reynolds


One of the reasons this Canadian celebrity is so hot is because he is always dressed to amaze.

He can be seen pulling off suits like a star and always packs style when he dresses.

6. Evangeline Lilly


Known for her role on Lost, Canadian actress Evangeline Lilly is a stylish queen.

She has one of the most beautiful smiles and paired with her sense of style, it really does make her one of Hollywood’s best dressed.

7. Malin Akerman


Akerman is a Canadian singer, actress and model.

She is one of the best dressed celebrities and makes this list because she is well known for her beautiful silky red dress that she wore at the premiere of Sucker Punch.

8. Sarah Chalk


Sarah Chalke is known for her role on Scrubs.

This Canadian star is always seen wearing something that proves why she is considered one of the best dressed celebrities.

9. Elisha Cuthbert


Cuthbert used to model children’s clothing in her younger years and she still models her clothes today.

Although she is an actress and not a model, you would never know when you see this lovely lady dressed up.

10. Estella Warren


Known as one of Canada’s national champion swimmers, Warren doesn’t just look great in her swimsuit.

She always dresses to impress and is known as a blonde beauty. Warren wears dresses that strike everyone and has previously been labeled the hottest woman in the world.

11.Anna Paquin


She is one of Canada’s famous actresses and is on this list of best dressed because she definitely earns this title.

She is never afraid to wear something a little daring and never disappoints when she is out in public.