Why Pamela Anderson’s Pixie Cut Works So Well

January 14, 2014

Not many women can pull off the pixie but, but Pamela Anderson pulls it off perfectly.


1. It makes her look youthful

One of the first things that people took notice of was how young the haircut made Anderson, 46, look. By revealing more of her face and allowing her cheekbones to shine, Anderson has a youthful glow.

2. It allowed her to start fresh

One of the main reasons that Anderson had for cutting off her locks was that her hair had “a life of its own” and that she wanted to “put it behind her.”

3. It lets her be herself

Anderson revealed in an interview with New York Magazine that she used to hide behind her hair, especially in photo shoots, but that her new haircut really forces her to show her face. To Anderson, this means that she is ready to be herself.

4. Because it goes with many different ensembles

Anderson has been seen looking stunning in various outfits. With her new hair she has worn a long-sleeved, white dress with a purple scarf and cream-colored boots, as well as a cotton sundress with oversized sunglasses, a denim jacket, and black pumps.

5. It looks great in brunette

In early December Anderson shocked everyone again and went brunette. She has since decided to go back to blond, but many agree that the brown hair looked great on her as well.

6. It’s aerodynamic!

When asked by Ellen is she had cut her hair to be more aerodynamic for the New York City Marathon, Anderson replied “absolutely!” Of course, she was joking, but the short hair was probably a lot easier to deal with during the 26.2 mile race than her long locks would have been.

7. It’s super easy to style

Anderson’s hairstylist says that to style a cut like hers, all you need to do is work a small amount of matte clay through your hair.

8. It’s highly influential

Ever since celebrities like Anderson, Jennifer Aniston, and Jennifer Lawrence chose to don the pixie cut, internet searches for “pixie haircut” have risen 511 times higher than the previous year.

9. It was stolen from Ellen DeGeneres

When Anderson appeared on Ellen DeGeneres, she laughed and told Ellen, “I stole your haircut!” Since everyone loves Ellen and Ellen’s short hair, giving the same style a try was a great idea.

10. Not every woman could pull it off

Anderson’s stylist also says that while the pixie cut worked for Anderson, not every woman can pull it off as well as she has. In order to rock this kind of hairdo, you need a strong personality, a strong spirit, and confidence.